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It has been quiet here for some time. In fact, for a long time! The name agrees.

Life seems to have changed quite a bit in this space! We now have a new city & a country to call “home”. We also have a next generation.

Somewhere in between making a meaning of life, and trying to be myself, all this happened. It is an exciting time, but the feelings have not changed a bit. There is euphoria one day, and then a serendipitous feeling of emptiness the next! I guess at the age that I am at, I should just stop fighting this, and let it be. Soak it all up as the experts say…and, in between comes this blog.

I could write up a lot of things, but at this point, feelings are a mélange. Experts call this “a lack of focus”. I sense it too, a feeling that you are adrift waiting for the that wave to come by and take you places. By the way, I need to put up an algorithm against what the experts stated, to make it sound realistic, unlike those WhatsApp forwards in those groups!

Now, where is that wave?


Apt Title

Visited my blog after a while and realised that it was living up to its tag line – “Random thoughts interspersed with bouts of Silence”. Only that this one was more like “Bouts of silence interspersed with Random thoughts”!

When will the next set of Random thoughts occur? Or will the Silence break its glass wall with a shatter?

.. to be seen

(it is not about the pace, it is about the peace.. 🙂  ( borrowed from Marathon Baba)

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