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It has been quiet here for some time. In fact, for a long time! The name agrees.

Life seems to have changed quite a bit in this space! We now have a new city & a country to call “home”. We also have a next generation.

Somewhere in between making a meaning of life, and trying to be myself, all this happened. It is an exciting time, but the feelings have not changed a bit. There is euphoria one day, and then a serendipitous feeling of emptiness the next! I guess at the age that I am at, I should just stop fighting this, and let it be. Soak it all up as the experts say…and, in between comes this blog.

I could write up a lot of things, but at this point, feelings are a mélange. Experts call this “a lack of focus”. I sense it too, a feeling that you are adrift waiting for the that wave to come by and take you places. By the way, I need to put up an algorithm against what the experts stated, to make it sound realistic, unlike those WhatsApp forwards in those groups!

Now, where is that wave?


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