Tippu's fort

Tippu's fort


Palmghat – Land of Palms.. one of the most beautiful, versatile places in Kerala. Very hot, known for its poorams and festivals.

Palakkad is a land of palm trees and paddy fields. It’s known to be rich in flora and fauna. Etymologically Palakkad is derived from the words Pala and Kadu. Pala, (Alstonia scholaris) is a tree with sweet scented flowers and Kadu meaning forest. Palakkad has probably the biggest mountain pass in the world (30-40 Kms) separating the two folds of the Western Ghats on the border of Kerala with Tamil Nadu. It is the chief granary of Kerala, often called the Gateway of Kerala. Palakkad lies at the foot of the gigantic Western ghats on the border of Kerala. Palakkad is known for its historical background. There are remnants of Tippu Sulthan’s Fort here. This district with mountains, forests, and fertile valleys, rivers and mountain streams are rich in flora and fauna. The Silent Valley National park is situated here.


I have lived a good part of my life in and around Palakkad. I was not born here, but came to live here after my parents returned from their sojourns around the country and the world. It has of course helped mould me into what I am. My culture, my tastes, language etc.


This page is meant to be a tribute to Palakkad.


Quoting from Vayalar’s song – “Ee manohara therathu tharumo, inniyoru janmam koodi”.. (Please give me another life in this beautiful land).








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