June has changed

Dear Blog,

I realized this morning that it has been a while since I paid you a visit. I was wondering about the reason and I figured that June has come and gone in a jiffy. It is a month full of meetings, deliberations and speculations. It is one month when even the most silent will make noise! You have to pay extra attention to weed out the noise and make sure that whatever you hear is relevant. Then there is the inevitable planning sessions when you are trying  hard to innovate and come up with breakthrough thinking. What was it called again? Ah..yes, Ideate! June also gives you that pulsating feeling that you go through when you are trying to look ahead and try to predict or see ahead, whatever is in store for you around the next bend in the road. This June was no different.

June was never like this. In my childhood, I was taught that June heralds the Monsoons. It would be pretty hot in April & May when you have the summer vacations. You ignore the heat and try to have a pretty good time hopefully. June 1st meant that the school reopened. You wake up early and wear the brand new uniform along with the new pair of shoes and step out of the house carrying the brand new bag all set for the new academic year. As you set out, clouds gather and as if by magic, to keep their date with June, the rains arrive. This is perhaps the one common image that people in my home state carry about June. You may miss the date, but the rains will not!

That too has changed now. This year, even the “God of Monsoons” has stayed away, though there has been lot of speculation and reports of one-off sightings from here and there. You can never believe it till you see it. I hope he is not angry and staying away because the kids no longer enjoy puddles like they used to. Well, if they wear “Duckback” overcoats, rubber shoes and carry “Poppy” umbrellas, then whom can the “God of Monsoons” really trouble? He better stay away since that will definitely spell more trouble!

I got into some spring cleaning to break the monotony and discovered some interesting stuff. Chanced upon a disk with some forgotten songs and wow, I wonder how I missed them? This was a collection that reminded me of Monsoons the way I knew it, and then I remembered you! I was sure that you would enjoy it..

While you enjoy them, I got to go..another session of ideation!


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