When I started off, I did not know what to call this post. I thought I will figure it out as I move forward.

The IPL ver. 2.0 is coming to an end today. The winner will be known in a few hours. Whoever it may be, both the finalists deserve a round of applause. These two teams were at the bottom of the stack in IPL v1. In this version too, they were not exactly toppling the opposition, but have build on their strengths steadily and now stand where they stand.

While reviewing the tournament, I felt that IPL 2 was not as interesting as IPL 1. It was new then and had caught the imagination of the country. The concept of city teams, auctions and merchandise had hit India. There had never been anything like this before. It caught on. In v2, the TRPs were clearly below expectations initially. There were some doubts about the success of an Indian Premier League held away from “India”. Mid-way something obvious happened. Matches were lost or won in the last over. Some teams lost from a very strong position (once, twice and then thrice). This rekindled the interest in IPL. Something looked fishy! The TRPs are back up.. so that was it..It all adds up now… the organizing committee may have had something to do with this 🙂

Something else that added to the spice..the FIP or the Fake IPL Player. This blog purportedly from a KKR insider caught the imagination of fans, media and many others. The nick names for many of the leading players was slightly overdone, but hilarious nevertheless.

One thing IPL v2 did was to give a lot of match practice to all the teams before the ICC T20 world cup. Indians seemed to be in good form.  The bowlers have all done well and the middle order has clicked. There is some worry about the opening pair – Gautam Gambhir and Virender Sehwag. They have not fired as well as they would have liked to. Dhoni too has not been in the best of form. He has not been that great with the bat, nor has he impressed with his captaincy. He missed the trick in the semi-finals against RCB. No one could figure out why Jacob Oram was in the XI, nor was Balaji’s role clear. Oram has neither scored runs, nor taken wickets in the recent past in international cricket – a state people call as being “out of form”. Dhoni did not try Ntini who could have made a difference. No one could also figure out why Muttiah Muralitharan was introduced late in the semi-finals. Well, Dhoni is entitled to have an off-day. Hope he gets over it soon 🙂

Overall, except for the doubts raised on the outcome of some matches, IPL v2 has been enjoyable and good to watch, except the fielding :),  Many folks that I talked to, felt that the standards in the field had dropped, or, is this also “by design”?

Go figure 🙂  


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