Verdict – by the people, for the people!

The people of this country have given the verdict. After a long drawn out process, for which the Election Commission of India needs to be congratulated along with the lakhs of Govt. servants who made this a real democratic people process, the people have decided that they need change. They do not need division, rhetoric and negativity! They do not need the support of a group of people who remain stuck in the 19th century. They do not need help from big time kingmakers with nothing but small numbers. They have decided that (as the media coins it), Singh is King!

Congratulations to the people of India!

It is also a time for introspection. A large chunk of people have remained apathetic to the democratic process, despite large scale evangelization by media, Bollywood and the NGOs. We need to identify the reason for this and identify ways and means to enable at least a sizeable chunk to be part of the process. Could it be the heat? Could it be the large scale migrations that happen frequently or is it just plain apathy? Should we simplify the process by making this an online referendum?


Finally, a warning to the new Government – The verdict has been given BY THE PEOPLE of this vast country. It is time that you delivered FOR THE PEOPLE now. We need inclusive growth, development and progress. The NREGA, RTI and JNNURM were good the last time around. We need more of such policies. You seem to have figured out the “What” in your manifesto! Keep revisiting it once in a while. Please do not waste this mandate!!!

In one of the earlier posts, I had expressed my hope that Dr. Shashi Tharoor would make it to the parliament. He has now! The people of Thiruvananthapuram have voted for Dr. Tharoor. Congratulations to Dr. Tharoor and to the people of Thiruvananthapuram.

Will he now find a place in the cabinet? The country could use his vast international experience in many ways. Our foreign policy needs a new direction in the current scenario and who better than Dr. Tharoor to provide this direction?


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