Hypocritical Mr. Advani

I had wanted this space to be completely apolitical, but the recent events and the current political climate, meant that I had to make some exceptions.

I was listening to the exchanges between Prime Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh and the leader of the opposition, Mr. Advani in the last 2 days. Mr. Advani started the war of words by calling Mr. Manmohan, a “weak” prime minister. He also mentioned that Mr. Singh had devalued the office of the Prime Minister. Mr. Advani made these remarks and as usual, least expected any response.

Mr. Singh responded to this attack in a tit-for-tat manner and questioned Mr. Advani’s credentials and performance when he was a home minister. He went on to say that shouting at the top of his voice does not imply strength and of course, for effect, threw in some responses to Mr. Advani’s role in 1992 carnage. The response from Mr. Singh was apt and to the point.

Mr. Advani, in response, in an interview with NDTV, said that he was hurt by what Mr. Manmohan Singh had said and that it was a personal attack. Mr. Advani did not want to reply to the Prime Minister.

I felt like laughing out loud at this remark from Mr. Advani. Is it because he was hurt or was it because Mr. Singh, hit at Mr. Advani, where it hurt the most?

You start a personal and unprovoked attack and when someone pays you back in the same currency, you call it a “personal” attack and also feel hurt! Isn’t that hypocrisy?

You will have to do more than that, Mr. Advani since your party calls you a “loh purush”!


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