Morning cuppa and “The Hindu”

Many of us are particular about a set pattern or routine when we wake up in the morning. I have been used to a fresh cup of filter coffee and reading “The Hindu” first thing in the morning.  I picked up this habit sometime in 1991 and have more or less continued this for the last 18 years or so. Off late, however, the morning routine is  little broken because of my work timings. Sometimes my morning is set in faraway eastern US time zone.

Recently I got a chance to go back to the fresh smell of The Hindu in the mornings. Today, I was reading Justice Markandey Katju’s article titled “Reflections on the global economic crisis”. This sums up what “The Hindu” stands for. This is a true national newspaper that does not “segment its readers” and target them in the true 21st century sense of Marketing!

I am however concerned about the fall in standards of the Sunday Magazine. The articles have become very drab, dull and boring. There still are some regular features from Ramachandra Guha, Kalpana Sharma and a new column on Financial matters by Shyam. Many of the famous and noted columnists like V Gangadhar, Shashi Tharoor have stopped contributing and this has added to the monotonous nature of the Sunday Magazine. To be honest and true, you are not looking forward to the Sunday Magazine as you used to as recently as about 2-3 years back. There is an opportunity for the publishers to take note of this and make some changes to make it really worthwhile. Are the publishers listening?


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