Hats off to VJ Jose

Hats off to VJ Jose
I was going through the latest issue of "The Witness", the newsletter of Greenpeace supporters. It carried an interesting write up on V J Jose titled "The Mystic River keeper".  For those who do not have access to "The Witness" here is a brief – VJ Jose patrols the length and breadth of the river "Periyar" in Kerala, keeping an eye on the rogue factories and industries that dump effluents in to the periyar. Jose tests the river water everyday for pollutants and has filed many PIL’s forcing many factories to close down/come up with alternate waste treatment methods.
Anyone who has been to Kerala – "God’s own country" and lived there for a while will realize the importance of the work done by Jose and his likes. Though Kerala recieves a very high amount of rainfall, the water retaining capacity is minimal resulting in water flowing to the sea. People are ever dependent on river sources like Periyar, Pamba etc. These rivers are the economic, cultural and political lifeline of the state. Kerala is rightly called the God’s own country mainly because of these rivers and their eco system.
For people like me, who are unable to do much, it gladdens our heart to find people like Jose fighting for these rivers against toxic pollution. I am sure, the consumerist in Kerala will not appreciate it much, because of the myopia that has affected the society en masse.
May god bless Jose and will him on his continuing saga! Amen!

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