North Korean nuclear test and balance of power

North Korea has finally taken that step to go nuclear. Reactions from the B6 where as expected with Mr. Bush calling for Kim’s head! Talk something new!
Looking at the events that would have forced/prompted North Korea to test the nuclear device, they definitely have their justifications. They would have looked at IRAQ and the supposed existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction as Mr. Bush called it. It was pretty much evident to the whole world that IRAQ did not have any WMD. And this was exactly the reason why they had to face the allied forces. Would the allied forces have attacked/invaded and taken over IRAQ, if the WMD actually existed? So in this case, the WMD would actually have acted as a deterent. For all that the Iraqi’s underwent in the 10 years of UN sanctions and economic blockade, they would have struggled to build a decent hospital!
If Israel can build and test their own nuclear device, why not North Korea? It is definite that the balance of power in East Asia has been upset! China would feel upset given the support they gave Kim. South Korea and Japan will now be upset and look towards the United States for protection. South Koreans were warming upto their northern neighbours, this test must have hit them a bolt from the blue. But for a keen follower of Nuclear history, this test will not have come much as a surprise. There were clear indications in the form of North Korea pulling out of the NPT. There were also indications when the father of Pakistani nuclear program, A.Q.Khan was being investigated for his alleged activities and links with North Korean nuclear program.

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